BRÜLAVENDL has already finished the corporate design and is excited about the upcoming store opening in Vienna.

magic oyster


Johammer e-mobility, Bang & Olufsen at Schottenring Vienna

Using a car as an advertising medium is relatively cheap, considering the resilience of the foils fixed onto the surface of a vehicle. Also, vehicle wraps offer great possibilities for graphic design.

Nature is beautiful, and the MyMi jewellery design emulates the beauty of nature without harming it. BRÜLAVENDL delivered all images for the online shop.

MyMi online shop

The presentation of products and services is the key to success for every company or brand. Elegant and evocative design to channel the dreams of a new home in the new 'Stadtquartier' sales brochure, which is handed to all potential clients of the real estate agency. The brochure redesign also includes features for business cards as well as a hand-made ground plan of a flat.

Stadtquartier Real Estate

Stadtquartier Real Estate

The focus of this project was to determine the value of the electric motorcycle Johammer J1 ( as an advertising medium compared to other mediums and further, to develop a marketing strategy for future clients.

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